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Many of us grow up wanting to please the people around us or afraid to believe in our own dreams. We grow up into unhappy adults, working in unhappy jobs. The vicious cycle repeats itself. That’s why you often hear stories of Lawyers-turned-Chef or Engineers-turned-Teachers as a mid career transition.


Why didn’t these people follow their hearts in the first place? Why waste precious time?


According to Jace Tan, a Corporate Coach who has spent more than 15 years in this area, we are often a Lost Talent, an Underachiever or a raw Diamond but rarely a Genius in our field. 


Look at the world’s greatest athletes. They practice what they’re naturally good at — and what they love to do — every day. They stick to what they do best and reap astounding rewards because of their dedication in refining their strengths. Most importantly, when you focus on what you are good at, work does not feel like ‘work’. 


This book, The Genius Matrix, is about how ordinary people achieved exceptional results when they align their personality with what they love to do and achieve extraordinary success.

Digital Copy of The Genius Matrix

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