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Susan Boyle, an overlooked Genius.

Strange things happen to your YouTube account when you are the author of #TheGeniusMatrix. An unlikely feed - Susan Boyle, came to my attention. Perhaps it's the agents of Google spying on my computer.

The world was introduced to #SusanBoyle in 2009 on Britain's Got Talent. She was thrust into stardom, literally overnight, as her voice caught the attention of the world, and she has been in the spotlight ever since.

While she is, of course, memorable due to her angelic-yet-powerful vocal talent, she also taught the world a lesson about judging a book by its cover. She helped remind many people around the world that a superstar doesn't need to fit into any boxes. Any preconceived notion of what a star should look and act like was thrown out the window the moment Susan Boyle started singing — a much-needed lesson for us all.

Having heard how she sang, we can acknowledge that she is definitely an #Expositor, as identified in my book 'The Genius Matrix'. An Expositor is someone who excels in presenting and teaching!

How I am so sure? Expositors are good at expressing themselves: Verbal, written and psychomotor skills. In Susan's case, she gave fans a proper glimpse into her fascinating life story with the release of her book The Woman I Was Born To Be: My Story, which charted her rise from Scottish suburb-dweller to world-conquering megastar.

Susan is a great example and reminder for all the Expositors #geniuses out there. Are you obscure from your #potential because of the way you looked?

Or rather, have you been misguided into the area of #singing but your real talent is elsewhere?

How do you really know?

Take The Genius Matrix Questionnaire to find out!

*Things to note: When you discover your #geniustype, it doesn't define you. Instead, it unleashes your potential!

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