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A match

but you are not taking it for granted

Couple Cuddling on a Rooftop

You know how fragile

a relationship is...

  • When the average marriage is 5-10 years*

  • When close to 7,000 to 750,000 marriages end in divorce**


Beyond Friends, Parents, Religion and Counsellors

you are determined to find the answers to a successful romantic relationship

Couple Looking Down

To make it last



'Don't Marry Yet' 

(Until you read this book!)

Love Chemicals inverse relationship with Conflicts.png
Studies shown that as love chemicals that once prompted you to fall 'head-over-heeds' in love diminishes, your rate of conflicts increases. 

When couples are stuck in an endless cycle of argument, they call it quits. Usually at the 5th, 8th or 10th year mark depending on which country you are from.

How do I know?

Hi, my name is

Jace Tan

I am the author of 'DON'T MARRY YET - til You Read This Book!'.
Jace Tan Circle PNG small.png
  • I spent the last 17 years studying human behaviors and relationships.
  • I profiled more than 10,000 people.
  • I conducted the largest psychometric studies consisting of 11,037 people in Singapore and has amazing insights to the population. 
  • I have coached many couples in their relationship goals.
  • I wrote 'Don't Marry Yet - Til you read this book' to guide countless couples who seek to have a sustainable relationship.
List of Clients
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How am I transforming YOU in this book?

Relationship Stages.png
If you have been through a team building, you may be familiar with Tuckman Model. Teams go through the four stages of FORMING, STORMING, NORMING and PERFORMING. 

Your relationship goes through this four stages as well. 

However without help, it is likely to end at the STORMING stage where both parties have had enough of each other. 

Relationships that goes through my intervention have reduced conflicts over time and transits into the NORMING and PERFORMING stage easily. 

Why am I letting you into this SECRET?

Over the years, I have built my skills in psychology and coaching that few can match. 

I have been kept busy coaching big companies and wealthy families. In short, I have been helping the rich, get better

On the other hand, I witness eager young men and women who worked hard but failed badly in their relationships. 

If only they could benefit from my knowledge. 

So, I worked to reach out to more people.

Hear from People who love


Real People, Real Testimonies

“You mentioned in the book that the aim is to provide a solid and proven platform to help couples to build a less quarrelsome relationship. 


Congrats! You made it!


This book is a good read. From a reader’s point of view, I understand the whole works. You have described in detail, and this is easy to relate to.


When I was reading it, I took the opportunity to reflect on my past relationships and these concepts made sense to me.”

- Josephine Teo

“Firstly, I wanted to say great job on the book! It is very relevant and applicable to my current relationship of 2+ years. 


After reading the book, I was quite intrigued by the various concepts that were covered, and am very motivated to discuss them with my boyfriend. My eyes have been opened to other ways I can use to make my relationship better, ways that no one has shared with me before. The anecdotes used throughout the book were very clear, and it was easy to relate them to my past experiences. 


Lastly, thank you for sharing your book with me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)”


- Annabelle Ong

“Maintaining a successful relationship isn’t a game of chance.


As you have rightly pointed out, the love chemistry fizzles out over time and we are left to our own.


Most of us grapple with our relationship using others or our parents as models. What a big mistake!


The Relationship Effectiveness Quotient is truly the blueprint for maintaining and sustaining the relationship between two people. This framework will serve well for those who are genuine.” 


- Daisy Toh

This book is a wonderful creation! Enlightening and effectively helping couples build strong and lasting relationships. Anecdotes are engaging and easy to relate. No other books on marriage counselling have shared such wisdom to maintain and sustain relationship between married couples!” 


- Richard Ow

“The short 100 page book is crisp and pragmatic outlook on relationships especially as partners or spouses. Jace uses his expertise as Identi3 Profiling trainer to provide a different lens to the readers for mending their relationships.


The book is written very simplistically based on a couple of frameworks. This helps a layman to understand an abstract and complicated topic like relationship breakdown easily, without making it overly confusing or preachy. Sometimes, one just needs these small mantras and pointers to evolve and grow in a relationship and discover the blind spots.” 


- Shakun Narang

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Watch how this book helped Jennice Ong

Is this still relevant to the

COVID/ Post-Covid


Couple Staying Home
If you have experienced tough situations living alone or with someone during COVID-19 lock down or serving the Stay-Home-Notice/ Quarantine, you will know how these situations revealed how fragile your relationship is. 

I have included in my book on how you can adapt and excel in these COVID circumstances. With preparation, you can take your relationship to the next level. 

I like to offer you



to change your RELATIONSHIP

Romantic Couple

How Much is it? 

How much is your
relationship worth? 


(till you read this book!)

Many couples do not attempt to learn how to sustain their relationship despite knowing that failure is a possible outcome. We think our love is so unique that we will not have problems. We do not realize that the survival of marriage is not about love; it is about skills. It is a skill to know how not to escalate a conflict if your relationship is not working; It is not that you picked the wrong person.


If you are keen to make your current or future relationship work, this book will reveal how. 

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Complete your personal transformation with your personality analysis.

Get yours and your partner's PERSONALISED REPORT
worth $36 each for a SPECIAL PRICE!

Here's what you get,

when you decide right now!

Impression Dont Marry Yet-small.jpg

DON'T MARRY YET is a 174 page book on what you need to know about creating a blissful relationship.

If you are keen to make your current or future relationship work, this book is for you!

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Get your PERFECT8 personality profiling for ONE pax


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Get your PERFECT8 personality profiling for TWO pax

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Money-back Guaranteed!

Buy with a peace of mind

If you are unpleased with your purchase, I will be happy to offer you a money back guarantee. No questions asked. 

Life-time updates!

If you know about me, I am always updating my books and making them better. 
You will be getting a life-time updates for these books.
You will be receiving these updates in your emails to download your latest copy.
Ready to take your relationship to a new level?

If it is important to you,

you will find a way.

If not, you will find an excuse. 

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