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You meet someone special. You fall in love. You enter the relationship hoping for the best.


However, the closer you get, the uglier it gets. Soon, you feel that your relationship is toxic.   


Regardless of whom you date or marry, the same relationship story repeats over and over again. Although they look different at first, before you know it, you are right back where you were.

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Nothing is accidental. Nothing is a coincidence. It all boils down to the way we are designed and structured as human beings.  


A growing number of researchers and clinicians have concluded that most unhappy couples need education rather than therapy. An education in “how to make relationships work,” and the specific skills that make them work well. 

“ Filled with much honesty and I’m sure everyone who reads it will be blessed, like with your previous book, applying the fundamental rules in any relationship.”

Josephine Thomas


“Firstly, I wanted to say great job on the book! It is very relevant and applicable to my current relationship of 2+ years. 


After reading the book, I was quite intrigued by the various concepts that were covered, and am very motivated to discuss them with my boyfriend. My eyes have been opened to other ways I can use to make my relationship better, ways that no one has shared with me before. The anecdotes used throughout the book were very clear, and it was easy to relate them to my past experiences. 


Lastly, thank you for sharing your book with me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)“

Annabelle Ong

“You mentioned in the book that the aim is to provide a solid and proven platform to help couples to build a less quarrelsome relationship.  Congrats! You made it! This book is a good read. From a reader’s point of view, I understand the whole works. You have described in detail, and this is easy to relate to. When I was reading it, I took the opportunity to reflect on my past relationships and these concepts made sense to me.”

 Josephine Teo

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