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You spent a considerable amount of EFFORT and MONEY to achieve SUCCESS but fail to achieve any breakthrough.


The explanation is simple: 


Chinese philosopher Lao Tze once said, "He who knows other is WISE. He who knows himself is ENLIGHTENED."
Public Self
Blind Self
Private Self
Unknown Self 
Through this book, I will give you an INSIGHT of your behavioral
BLIND SPOTS and help you WIN in your game of life.

"Hi Jace


Your book was quite insightful. I enjoy reading it and finished reading it in one seating.


I’m quite fascinated how you’ve expounded each point very systematically and precise in their given perspectives."

Prince RAJ

Country Director


"I have personally used the tools for counselling, therapy as well as coaching.  


Today, I am happy that Jace has written a book on it to enable all to have insights to what the tool is about and how it can be applied in one’s mastery."

Rosemary Phan

Industrial Psychologist

"I had used the tool for 4 years now. The tool had helped me to understand the current team profile better. With information shared openly within the team, it had created a positive working relation amongst us through mutual understanding. I had also used the tool to reaffirm potential candidates for organization fit."

Jolene Goh

Quality Director

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